Monetary donations are essential to provide the necessary kick-start for a project benefiting the welfare of those in need. In developing countries, MUCH can be done with very little!

PGH strives to implement funds to provide the basic requirements necessary for a human life with dignity: Food, shelter (housing), hygiene and medical care, stability and community, followed by education, and assistance to achieve self-reliance and independence from donations and NGOs.

When supporting PGH, you are assured that every Frank, Euro, or Dollar donated is applied directly to projects assisting those in need, and PGH will report to you what exactly could be accomplished with the help of your donation.

1. via Wire Transfer

PGH Bank Details: Raiffeisenbank Zürich Limmatquai 68 CH – 8001 Zürich
Account Name: People for Global Humanity, Baarerstrasse 2, CH-6300 Zug
Account Number: 402110.18
IBAN: CH35 8148 7000 0402 1101 8

2. Payment slip (Switzerland only)

Swiss donors can obtain a payment slip (Einzahlungsschein) from PGH. Use it in your e-banking. You can download it by clicking on the PDF Icon to the right. Contact PGH for originals being sent to you. These you will need if you use them for payment via POST.