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For young adults in developing countries, education is the best way out of poverty

As in all developing countries, Cambodia has a large number of talented high school graduates who do not have enough money to pay the university tuition fees. Often they don’t speak English at all, or do not speak enough to read English textbooks and to pass an exam. Although the students can earn some money with low level employment, to finance the cost of living and their studies, they have to work so long hours, that there is hardly any time left for studying and learning English language.

In order to provide ways out of this „vicious circle“, with the STUDAID program we have set ourselves the goal of supporting underprivileged students in Phnom Penh in achieving their study goals. The financial support (sponsoring) includes:

Individuals provide a 1:1 financial support for a student (sponsoring). The sponsorship usually lasts 2-4 years, until the graduation of the next academic level. Annual sponsorship contributions range from USD 1,400 to USD 1,900, depending on academic year and English level of the student.

In addition, emotional and moral support is provided through personal contact with the student (mentoring). In this way, sponsors can help shape and understand the impact of their contributions, while students can benefit of the experience and advice from the sponsor/mentor.

In addition, the STUDAID program also provides further important support to students, helping them to a successful start into their careers after completing their studies:

For these common efforts, STUDAID is currently looking for support of „anchor sponsors“ (companies or institutions) who support the STUDAID program as a whole.

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